Welcome to the Nexia Community!


Welcome to the Nexia Community.

This community is a great way for you to interact with other Nexia  subscribers and learn  how to maximize the benefits of your Nexia system!

The Nexia staff actively participates in this forum as well to answer questions and comments.

Please use the Message Board to submit a question or comment.


Video pinch and zoom broken in iOS11?

Started by Brent in Cameras yesterday. 0 Replies

I finally allowed my iPhone to update to firmware iOS11 and it appears that the video zoom feature no longer works the same. You can get it to zoom but you have to hold your fingers in place or it…Continue

What is the Maximum Number of Automations

Started by Dennis in Automations and Modes. Last reply by Dennis yesterday. 10 Replies

Just tried to add another Automations and received a message stating I had reached the system maximum.What is the maximum? (So I do not have to count them! LOL)Are there any plans to increase the…Continue

Tags: number, max, maximum, Automations

I'm about ready to return Fabrao button. Works on intermittent basis. Anyone else with this problem?

Started by Nik in Other Z-Wave Devices. Last reply by Brent on Wednesday. 30 Replies

I'm about ready to return Fabrao button.  Works on intermittent basis.  Anyone else with this problem?Continue

Aeon Labs Minimote

Started by Rich in General Questions. Last reply by Brent on Tuesday. 4 Replies

I am trying to add a Aeon Labs minimote to control a Z wave FS20Z-1 relay. The relay works fine when using the app or from the web but when I try to add the reemote it shows up as a node but does not…Continue


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