Welcome to the Nexia Community!


Welcome to the Nexia Community.

This community is a great way for you to interact with other Nexia  subscribers and learn  how to maximize the benefits of your Nexia system!

The Nexia staff actively participates in this forum as well to answer questions and comments.

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Aux heat vs normal heat pump heat, looks different this year.

Started by Jerry33 in General Questions. Last reply by Sam on Wednesday. 16 Replies

I am now heating and noticed that under the history graph display that Aux Heat is colored beige and Heat is colored red.  I believe last year I would notice small times of what surely was the…Continue

We are going to switch internet service providers. What do we need to do with our Nexia bridge to make it work on the new ISP modem and router?

Started by linandrich in Bridge. Last reply by Eric on Tuesday. 1 Reply

Our current Internet service is very slow.  We need faster service to stream movies, and do work from home.  The slow internet (1.5mps) has never been a problem for our Nexia devices.  What do we…Continue

Tags: bridge, Nexia, wifi, internet

Outdoor remote temperature

Started by Sam in Thermostats on Tuesday. 0 Replies

Is the only outdoor temp sensor available the wired one? I find it odd that the tstat (824) is displaying the outdoor temp from wifi, yet I can't use that temp to set any compressor lockout…Continue

Trane Fan Automation Trigger by Remote Sensors

Started by Paul in Thermostats. Last reply by Paul on Tuesday. 2 Replies

Have the new Trane Zwave Remote Temp/Humidity sensors.... and they work great.  Solved an issue with a so so location of the thermostat.What i would like to ask is for a way to trigger the system fan…Continue

Tags: ZSENS930, XL824


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