Welcome to the Nexia Community!


Welcome to the Nexia Community.

This community is a great way for you to interact with other Nexia  subscribers and learn  how to maximize the benefits of your Nexia system!

The Nexia staff actively participates in this forum as well to answer questions and comments.

Please use the Message Board to submit a question or comment.


Feedback to Alexa

Started by PopUpSteve in General Questions. Last reply by Eric yesterday. 1 Reply

I remember about two years ago someone asked if Alexa could get feedback from Nexia devices, and the answer was NO.Well, two year later and I'm ask if with all the things available like Alexa…Continue


Started by R.M. in General Questions. Last reply by Robert on Thursday. 10 Replies

Can I still control my lights and thermostat WITHOUT an active monthly subscription?Continue

One Touch Controller Glitch - Solved

Started by Ken in General Questions. Last reply by Ken on Thursday. 7 Replies

After updating and expanding my Nexia system (new BR200 and additional switches), I discovered a group of yard lights were on at seemingly random times. After some testing, I isolated the problem to…Continue

Cannot pair nexia to thermostat

Started by Korinne in Thermostats. Last reply by Eric on Wednesday. 1 Reply

How can I unregister and re- register my thermostat so I can use it with my Nexia account? My thermostat says it's already registered and  I've looked under "climate" on "mynexia" and the thermostat…Continue


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