Welcome to the Nexia Community!


Welcome to the Nexia Community.

This community is a great way for you to interact with other Nexia  subscribers and learn  how to maximize the benefits of your Nexia system!

The Nexia staff actively participates in this forum as well to answer questions and comments.

Please use the Message Board to submit a question or comment.


Bridge offline for days - Nexia says it's server side issue

Started by Greg in General Questions. Last reply by Bill yesterday. 23 Replies

Anyone else experiencing this? They told me it's been a problem since Thursday, 7/11, but it seems like I've had periodic problems for a week or two (then they got real bad, which seems to coincide…Continue

Where to go from Nexia?

Started by Greg in General Questions. Last reply by mmmmark on Wednesday. 9 Replies

Where does the consumer go to if he wants to leave Nexia and set up security with another vendor that would accept those devices used in the Nexia environment? It's time to make a move and I don't…Continue

Is Nexia a dying company?

Started by Darren in General Questions. Last reply by Darren on Wednesday. 12 Replies

For a while, it seemed as if Nexia was improving rapidly. The app was being improved upon, new devices were being produced and integrations with other brands were being offered. Latency has always…Continue

JP - All Four of My Nexia Sites are Not Responding

Started by Glen in General Questions. Last reply by Greg on Wednesday. 12 Replies

JP,Just an FYI that all four of my Nexia Sites, which are on four different ISP's are not responding.I am not getting any Bridge Disconnected Alerts and I can sign-in to each Site, but i cannot not…Continue


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